He just stood there stiffly as I held him thru his white briefs & jerked his cock with a steady rhythm. He was trying so hard to stay in control of the situation, but it was less than a minute when he started to moan – and I knew he had crossed the line. 

“Is my pretty boy going to cum in his panties?” I asked him. On top of the sensations racing thru his body, those words just blew all of his control. 

“Oh God yes, – yes, yes!” he blurted as his balls clenched fiercely, and then he throbbed with powerful contractions. Soon his tight, white briefs were filling with cum – lots of hot cum. He had to sit on the edge of the sofa to wait for his orgasm to subside, as his legs had gone all silly on him.

I cooed “Good boy, that’s the way.” He groaned softly. I slowly milked him & stared into his eyes – watching all of his aggressiveness & masculinity melt away as I took firm control.


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