My wife encouraged my PE problem all the time as it made her feel good. It got so bad that she could make me cum just about whenever, especially after implanting those special code words into my mind. .

This time she lifts her shirt up over those perfect tits and says “Let’s see how quickly you lose control this time. Let’s talk about Tight White Briefs Aaron.

Immediately, I find myself fighting the urge to cum, but my cock is twitching and a sense of defeat is upon me. She giggles and says…”I love the look of agony on your face as you try to hold it and ultimately fail while you shoot your poor little load in your underwear”.

I stood there weak and defeated as my shaft welled up with cum. There was little left to do except to embrace her power over me. I reached down to my crotch with both hands and waited for the inevitable.

“You have to cum bad, don’t you? What’s the matter? Can’t hold it? You poor thing – you’re so helpless right now and I absolutely love that!”.

My cock is contracting & the pulses start slowly as cum dribbles into the pouch of my silk panties. Yes, she thought it would be cute to have me wear pink panties too – and then make me ruin them..

You look like a little schoolgirl who’s about to wet herself Aaron, all hunched over with your crotch in your hands – I love it!

Regrettably, the main thrusts begin and I go into a kind of trance while releasing my load…. helplessly splattering my panties as she laughs.

Finally I was spent and looked down to see the mess I made of myself. “Poor baby! Lets go get you cleaned up”


I haven’t actually fucked my girlfriend in months. She gets turned on watching me try to hold my load when she starts using those code words on me.

“Tight White Briefs Jack – how do your Tight White Briefs feel today?”

Unghhh, I try so hard not to do this – I mean, we’re on the train and I’m standing right in the aisle. The urge is intense though, my cock is half hard already and I don’t think I can hold on….

“Jack – do we have to talk a bit more about those Tight White Briefs, or are you going to do what you’ve been trained to do? Right now… it!”

I started whimpering like a little girl as I pumped load after load into my pants….dammit.




Tory-“Listen to him whimper like a horny little girl when I lift up my shirt.”

Amy– “Oh my God, look at him bending over with that helpless look on his face – I can tell he’s losing his load inside his pants. Lisa was right, he’s a total premature ejaculator.”



“Come on, you know I can destroy your stamina with my tits, you don’t stand a chance, so why don’t you lower your pants before you mess them???

That’s it – good boy!

It turns me on to watch your little hips thrusting into the air right before you blow your premature load. It’s so hot to watch you humiliate yourself, grunting and spurting while you stare at my tits.” 



Tiffany looked so innocent, but she totally owned my cock.
She broke me in stages.
First she got me addicted to her after just one night of sex inside her unbelievably supple pussy.
Then she denied me sex and made me beg and whimper for it.
Then one night she made me cum inside my pants just from making out with me, fully clothed, not even touching my erection.
It was so embarrassing the way she made me grunt as I helplessly flooded my underwear in desperation for her. 
I asked her why she was doing this to me and she said, “don’t worry, you’re not alone. I turn all my boyfriends into babbling, premature-ejaculating addicts.”



Jubilant domination



You’re really turned on right now, huh? I can see the bulge in your pants. Why don’t you reach down and rub yourself through your jeans for me? That’s it… Good boy! That feels good doesn’t it? Just keep staring at me and rubbing while I tell you a little story….

You see – I had my friend implant a special code phrase into your subconscious at the party last night – remember? You don’t? GOOOOD!

Now when I say these words, you will ejaculate long and hard into your pants. You can’t help it, can you? You’ll listen to what I say, bend over just slightly and then obey.

It will be very embarrassing, holding yourself thru your jeans while your cock releases that hot load uncontrollably.

How are your Tight White Briefs feeling today Jack? Good boy – feel that  long, hard cum that just pours out of you no matter what you try to do…..

Oh my! What a big wet spot you’ve made. Looks like you better go clean yourself up honey. (grin)