You got a bit too eager Blake. Now it’s a question of will you be able to open my pants before I make you shoot that big load you’ve been saving for me all over the ground instead?

I think NOT (grin) !


I’m sorry that I had to have the nurse restrain your hands John, but I find my male patients are usually a little too aggressive during this part of the exam. Once I’m done with you though, you’ll have a whole different attitude – quite docile and ready to move along to your lovely wife in the waiting room.

Now I’m going to check your prostate, and you may find it’s impossible to stop yourself from bucking and ejaculating right in my hand. That’s perfectly natural, I’m a doctor and I understand.

So focus on my tight little panties and cum really hard for me baby! 

You are SUCH a Good boy……




Did you enjoy that boy? What’s that, you say that was an accident & you don’t think I can make you lose another load? Such a cocky, aggressive attitude you have!

Well… okay.… let’s get started again (evil grin). 

Will you beg me to cum this time?


Don’t fight it Tina, you know you can’t help yourself. Just lean back and grind your wet pussy on my fingertips….



Ohh you’ve gotten all wet for me, this is why you’re my slut.

Good boy!



She’d warned him that lots of guys struggled to last with her, saying she was too tight.  He’d smiled, condescendingly, and assured her, he’d have no such issues.  So when, after just a few strokes, he closed his eyes, moaning, his hard cock twitching inside her, she’d looked down on him amused.  After a couple more strokes, he grabbed her hips, trying to hold her still, grasping for a break to calm himself down.  She just sat there, still, a mischievous grin on her face and flexed her kegels a couple of times.  That was all it take to send him spiraling out of control, blowing his load very prematurely, despite his bragging.  She thought it was funny as hell, and couldn’t wait to tease him about it…


 So sweet! Don’t you wish I would just pull your panties up a bit more? But I much prefer them where they are Dana, with your pussy exposed and waiting for the vibe.