The humiliation of being kidnapped by his Ex was bad enough. Now he lay there tied, gagged and dressed up, helpless to do anything about it.

She smiled as she started stroking his cock, for the worst was yet to come. Her big, strong cocksman was going to find himself ejaculating hard into tiny, silk panties  – and he’d soon be sleeping in them too! (smile)




Now lean back Pet. Why? Because it pleases me of course. You know how I love your nipples to be sensitive over the next few days.

Every “why” gets a pull. She’ll keep asking questions, don’t worry.


Kirstie knew that he couldn’t help himself when cornered against the wall. While he stood there helplessly, she worked to ensure he was going to cum very hard and forget all about visiting his mistress later that night.


She had done exactly as she was told, and started driving down the highway topless.But once she began getting the inevitable stares from others – her shame and humiliation provoked an unusual response in her body.

Her panties dampened and she couldn’t stop from fingering herself thru the pure white silk. She laid back and moaned like a little slut in heat as the orgasm came on quickly and steadily overtook her.

Jessica was never going to be the same again.




Two more to go, then we can get started. 

I told you the rules and you agreed to them. 

If you truly want to be My slave, 

then you must prove that it isn’t just because you’re horny. 

So tonight you will orgasm three times just like this, 

and then, I will spend the rest of the evening making you My bitch. 

I hope you are ready for this, 

it’s going to be a long night… 


There are times when we run into a particularly stubborn subject. Rob here is an example. While his sexy little girlfriend has given in to her conditioning and wet her diapers as she was told, he still holds firm trying to fight us. 

We’ve found that a simple injection of Lasix will solve the issue completely, causing him to forcefully wet himself within 30 minutes, whether he wants to or not.

You’ll note that my assistant Wendy is preparing to administer his shot, holding his leg up and slowly placing the needle into his ass while he watches. This has the added benefit of causing waves of submissive feelings to cascade thru him as he realizes that he will soon be losing his manly control and filling his little diaper to capacity. It’s hard to hear her soft voice, but Wendy is stoking his humiliation by describing every step of his defeat.

“That’s a good boy Robbie, just a little prick and then I want you to lie back and think about how you’re going to feel when you have your little accident in front of us! I’m going to really enjoy watching you pee your diaper for me like a good baby boy!” (grin)