That’s it Jason, all tied up and helpless! And now it’s time for a quick injection. Just a tiiiiny prick into that gorgeous ass of yours!

Then a sudden warmth will spread rapidly over your body, while your strong cock hardens and your libido ratchets up until you’re as frustrated and horny as a teenager. That’s my gift to you – an experimental concoction that you’ll remember for a very long time I’m afraid (grin).

You see, there’s no way to counteract the effects. I’m going to keep you tied up until it’s finally out of your system – but it will mean at least a day of constant ejaculations after I free your right hand – smile!




Sneak peak.



Yes I mean now Steve! 

So drop your work and head for home. When you get here, strip, blindfold yourself, and cuff your hands behind your back.

I’m going to get you to spill a few more of those intimate little secrets you hold so dear….



Her nervous look excited him …he turned on the wand and approached her quickly. Melanie was about to get the most intense orgasm of her life. (grin)



katie, this is for you…

How would you feel waiting for me in this circumstances?