On the way to work, or where-ever.  If I use your trigger words, you must take it out and masturbate in front of me until your cock is dripping…..and you never know when I’ll take you right over the top until you ejaculate as well. (grin)


Jared has done as he was told and waited patiently in the bathroom stripped down to just his tight white briefs, hands clasped behind his head. Sylvie smiled at him deliciously, carefully hiding the bottle of baby oil behind her back.

“Quiet now baby boy, it’s time you get prepped for our little trip downtown.” He sighed and then whimpered just a bit as she dumped the oil all over him, squeezing the bottle constantly until his hardening cock was displayed thru the soaked briefs.

“Good boy! Now pull up those khakis and let’s get going.” she giggled. He complied and groaned as a large wet spot slowly darkened the front of his pants. He knew from experience that he was going to be publicly humiliated at the bar – and would have to show his wet briefs to anyone that asked her about it.

Sylvie loved what this did to him – stripping him of his precious masculinity one sexy act at a time. (smile)



….and we will be stopping for a few tall drinks along the way. What good are diapers if I can’t watch as you wet them? (grin)


And now baby, it’s time to take you outside…”

The hot girls at the other end of the block have been just dying to meet you., and you WILL show them how you play with your cock under those bikini panties…..


She had left him there for hours, knowing full well that he would not be able to hold it. When the inevitable happened, he moaned and whimpered as he tried to hold back, then eventually broke down & peed himself like a little boy.

Then he did it again and again. She had slipped a powerful diuretic into his drink before leaving – and she smiled to see the evidence of his total submission when she returned. Such a good baby boy!



“Tell you what sweetie…If you can keep these briefs dry for me in the next 5 minutes, then I’ll let you take me any way you want”

It’s so damned hot watching him grimace while his cock twitches. I don’t expect him to last another 60 seconds let alone 5 minutes, but he doesn’t know that. I’m getting so fucking wet right now over him cumming in his briefs. When he does, defeat will saturate his mind while his pent up load saturates his underwear. God this is hot! A few more instances like this and I’ll have him trained to understand that I wear the pants in this relationship


I like what I see, but turn around and touch yourself for me baby.