My boyfriend has always been easy to control, but a bit inhibited when it came to expressing his inner kinks.  Julie, my college room-mate had a bit of a crush on him, and together we hatched a plot that would get that boy to fall in line (grin).

She invited us to a “pre-party” for halloween, and I convinced Justin to dress as me – all the way down to the silk panties! He complained a bit, but I insisted. Once at Julie’s house, we had a few rounds of shots until both of were sure he was in a more agreeable state of mind. Then she led him down to her basement, where she had setup a special playroom for just such an occasion!

Justin tried to bolt, but we held him tight, pinning him to the wall as I raised his skirt and began to caress his cock. With 2-3 minutes, he was quite docile – even after she setup the camera for filming. I masturbated him steadily, while she gagged him for good measure. 

I suspected he had a bit of a “thing” for panties – and when I was done with him, his mind would be a total mess! In fact, I was convinced that I could turn him into  a true “panty-boi”, who would do just about anything once properly pantied!

This video is a key part of his training. It shows exactly how we broke him down, and how quickly he filled those panties with his hot cum – despite himself. I show it to him anytime he puts up a fuss about getting properly dressed, and he never fails to pull on a frilly little pair immediately after…such a good boi!  

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This sweet little thing is in quite a predicament – straddling that vibrator while being forced to watch porn! 

I’m sure she can feel her tight yellow panties getting wetter by the minute, as she slowly gives in to her arousal.  She fights it valiantly, but that wand does it’s damage – until she finally succumbs, losing all control like the blathering young slut she is! (smile)

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One of my all-time favorite fantasies! It combines two of my biggest turn-ons; immobilizing my man and taking control of his sexual experience completely away from him.

My boyfriend and I often discuss whether it’s even possible to force a man to ejaculate with just a vibrator, and he of course says “absolutely not”. The guy in this video seems to feel the same way – right up to the point where he moans, gasps and bucks his hips as the cum streams out of him and into his cute bikinis. 

That’s another thing I love here – the way he’s tied up and dominated semi-dressed. Nothing brings a strong, proud man down to earth like making him ejaculate into his underwear. It never fails to make him feel like a little boy again! If you ask him right after, he’ll probably even whimper for you.

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I love seducing my man this way.  It’s a very slow tease, and the action of his hips tell me exactly how well I’m doing. There are times I refuse to take his briefs down below his knees, leaving them banded there while I finish him off. There’s something about that feeling of helplessness that makes him hotter than usual.

Once in a while he won’t be allowed to take them off at all! I really enjoy that scene – watching his face as he humiliates himself and spurts helplessly into his tighty-whities. It’s really amusing to watch that tiny circle of wetness suddenly grow & spread (grin).


It was time for Brandon’s little “session”, the one Rachel insisted on every Saturday morning before they started their weekend activities. He was a typical young male, head on a swivel and constantly flirting with gorgeous women wherever they happened to be. They always responded too, with long stares as they admired him from a distance. 

So after a year or so of this, Rachel  did some reading and discovered a wonderful way to keep him in line, driving his libido down to the point he lost interest. The routine was simple. After he showered, he was to shave himself baby-smooth and stay that way for the next 2 days. This always had the subtle, but powerful effect of making him feel a bit less dominant.

He called to her that he was ready, and she entered – smiling a bit at the thought of what was to come. “Are you ready baby boy? Hands behind your back!” 

He gulped, then reluctantly did as she asked – which always caused his cock to harden instantly. She stroked him while whispering seductively, “Come on baby boy, buck those hips and give it all up for me. Show me what a big, macho stud you are!” 

Rachel provided just enough contact to allow a release, but not enough to provide thorough pleasure. As the last shot of cum erupted from his cock, his balls tightened and he was left with that terrible sinking feeling – as all of his aggressiveness and manly drive seemed to drain right out of him. He knew from experience that he would feel this way at least until Monday

Exactly what she wanted to achieve.