Of course you can cum, baby. But you’re not allowed to use your hands.


Good girl, I want you to keep playing with yourself until we arrive. You can just leave your panties in your purse too – I want you to be conscious of the wetness running down your thighs. 

At discreet moments when no one is around you will pull your dress up and do it for me again….be quick each time or someone may catch you! 

Why am I doing this? Because it amuses me to see you struggling to follow the conversation, knowing the only thing you can really concentrate on is the throbbing between your legs. What could be better than this, and having the power to keep you this way…..indefinitely?


Kelsey had been given 2 diuretic pills, and was locked out of the bathroom before he left the house. She texted him furiously in the next 2 hours, as they quickly took effect and she began to fidget.

“Please, please Ryan – don’t make me do this!”

He called, and the response was straight-forward and very disappointing. He was going to break her, and this was one of the best ways to begin.

Stand up and walk towards the front door. Then just stand still and look out the window at the traffic going by. Now imagine what those people would say if they knew my sweet, sexy wife was about to wet her panties like a little girl .Can you stop it? Can you? Can you stop yourself from having a very embarrassing accident?

“No, no I can’t you bastard! Oh my god, It’s happening….!!” 

He loved her little whimpers of submission, as she bent over slightly and lost all control…..


…..and I always keep Kyle well-pantied on the weekends.


Come over here Jason, you’re going to show me how you play with yourself and cum nice & hard for me this morning!  Then, (and only then) will we be going to the mall.


He had already lost the match, and now Sonya was going to ensure he lost his load too, along with whatever pride he had remaining.

“Do it baby – do it NOW!”