Cumming would have been the last line in the sand. He was convinced he wasn’t going to cum. It wasn’t really cheating if he didn’t. He only climaxed with his wife.

Hmmm…..we’ll see about that (grin)…

I slowly worked his manhood with my mouth. His cock was warm, hard and masculine – it tasted so good. I bobbed my head up and down taking it’s full length. He looked down at me in complete lust as I walked him to the edge.

I felt his cock grow stiff and felt his body tense. I sat his cock on my tongue and stroked him with both hands, inviting him to give me his load. If he ever had plans to walk away, he lost his strength, because rope after rope of warm, salty cum painted my face and mouth as he moaned my name.


She loved this, but dreaded what came next. He would pull down her top, expose her breasts and then walk away for some time while cars went by. When he returned for her, she knew her panties would be totally soaked thru – her extreme arousal evident to all.


My wife sent me this and said I would look good in them – Umphh


Come on Austin….show me how hard a strong, aggressive stud can shoot! I hope you get it on my top, because these pics are going to your other girlfriend later baby… ( grin)


My big, sexy cocksman. Can you handle your strong, aggressive manhood? Or will you just shoot all over, and end your evening by apologizing to me for your lack of control little man?

(Sigh..) I guess it’s the latter once again…

Oh well…..why don’t you go lie down and get some rest while you try to recover?

I’ll take care of myself.

Darcie was rumored to be the biggest slut in our office. So I put her to the test today – and she passed with flying colors….we’re going out later tonight to put out the fire 🙂