And……THERE it is!  Ahhh….that’s right, just let it happen baby- you can’t stop this.

Jason – you didn’t really think you were sneaking out on me tonight – did you? Now get your ass into that shower, we’re having a  nice quiet evening at home tonight. 

You look kind of tired now…maybe I’ll put you to bed early.


Chelsea had no idea why she craved this, absolutely needed this now to achieve any kind of sexual satisfaction…..

But she did recall a weekend away at some sort of retreat. There were other women there too, and there was talk of “training”…

But it was just a fuzzy memory – and she was getting very wet again…needed more cock……needed to cum….umphhh…


Gabrielle was quite an insolent bitch, and fought them at every step. But this wasn’t the first time they’d encountered such an attitude. 

Once she was properly restrained, a thorough session with the wand would quickly break her down. By evening she’d be begging them to fuck her hard and fast – and as often as possible.

Her new life as a hyper-sexual little slut was about to begin!


Chandler never had a chance. She always took great care to knock his strong libido way down before these parties – there were just too many seductive young women who would love to have this man, 

But now he’d have no sexual interest in anyone for at least the next 8 hours.



make sure he understands exactly who is in charge 


It was quite amazing to see him respond so quickly to the stimulating device. I wondered how long Brad would last before giving in to the pleasure and ejaculating all over himself…


You’re going to be here quite a while Trish, and you WILL learn to use those diapers little girl!