I’d made Jordan shave everything below his waist and apply a healthy dose of hair remover just for good measure. For my crowning achievement, he was forced into these tight little satin panties! 

I swear I thought he was going to cry when I snapped this pic, and told him it was going on Facebook if he wasn’t attentive to my every need from now on. (smile)


Billy’s Spanking Panties

Quite a long story…but well worth the read if you enjoy:

1. A strong woman who totally control’s her husband’s cock and his big libido…

2. A big stud who gets pantied & spanked on a regular basis….

3. A man who finds himself being vibed in tight silk panties by two gorgeous women until forced to ejaculate…. 

She is driving to dinner but I will probably drive home. I
think she is worried that after my punishment, maybe I’m not quite ready to
drive yet. We did walk out of the house minutes after the last spank landed. I
was still shifting around as I got in the passenger seat.

She told me I would get a spanking before we went to dinner
with friends this morning. I hadn’t really been bad, but just not very
attentive to her needs. She wanted me back on task and knew that a couple trips
over her lap would do the trick. The first trip was right after I was out of
the shower and was just a teaser so that I would think about what I had coming
to me all day long.

It didn’t hurt too much but I also had a big erection the
whole time as she warmed up my bottom with the paddle. I just stood with my
thighs against the counter, and stared into my own eyes in the mirror as she
systematically warmed my bottom. My erection produced a big drop of pre-cum at
the tip. It was over just as I started to feel some distress. These warm-up
spankings can’t be too hard or I won’t properly look forward to the real
spanking later. It has to be hard enough to sting for a while but leave a
pleasant tingle most of the day – but it can’t be so hard that I am too scared
of what is to come. The idea is to make me erect and uncomfortable all day so
that when it is spanking time, I am all worked-up so that I pop easily and

Then I had to put on my “you’re getting a
spanking” panties which are thin pink silk. I like the feeling of the silk
against my erection but they don’t fit very well. These are quite small
–almost bikini panties. They are too tight, just barely containing my cheeks,
and everything is cramped in front. The tip of my erect cock is almost at the
waist band.

I soaked through the silk at work. My erection was drooling
all day making them wet and even more see-through.  The few times I had to pee, I did so almost
fully erect. I knew the spanking would hurt real bad but I still find the idea
of a spanking to be very exciting.

She called me in the afternoon and told me to expect to be
spanked before and after dinner. She likes to do that too me because she thinks
it is cute to watch me sit uncomfortably all through dinner and then try to
delay the inevitable as long as possible after dinner.

We also had to hurry the first spanking because the dinner
reservations were early. I was excited hoping that I would still have my
erection to protect me during the spanking before dinner. My erection gives me
the ability to maybe not enjoy but at least tolerate a hard spanking with a
small amount of my masculinity intact.

She wasn’t quite ready for me when I walked in the door. She
told me to take everything off but my “pretty pink panties” and wait
in the den. I went to the den and my heart sank. The big plugin vibrator was
waiting already plugged in right next to the hairbrush. This is always bad but
my stupid cock betrayed me and pulsed a little more pre-cum into my already
soaked panties.

The wait was torture. The head of my cock showed through the
thin wet fabric. My scrotum was tight. Just a little stimulation was going to force
me to ejaculate helplessly – and she knew it. My bottom had stopped stinging by
lunch but now tingled in anticipation.

She rushed into the room and gave me a sexy smile when she
saw my arousal. “I was afraid of that,” she commented taking a seat
in front of me. “We will need to take care of your little problem before
your spanking, I think,” she commented as she switched on the vibrator.

Sometimes she teases me a little by vibrating my testicles
or just the base of my cock. In the past, she has sometimes kept the speed low
for a while or even let me get close to the edge a couple of times. Not this
time. The speed was immediately on high and she meant business. Clearly she was
sending a message that my behavior needed adjustment.

It took less than a minute with the machine lightly pressing
against my erection just below the head before I ejaculated. She pulled it away
the second I started to pulse. We both watched as I pumped a huge load into my
panties, making a mess that ran all the way down the shaft. It was so
frustrating that I moaned “no” as I twitched and that sinking feeling
took over. I stood there with my legs tense and pressed tightly together, tight
fisted, and teeth clenched as I humped the air trying to prolong and intensify
my orgasm.

Even though it was a forced orgasm, it wasn’t really
completely over when she patted her lap. On wobbly legs I went over and then
just held on. She started straight away with the brush and though not fast or
too hard, it immediately stung. After making a couple passes up and down both
cheeks, she picked up speed and intensity. My bottom was compressed in the
little panties and bounced embarrassingly as I fell apart, lost my composure,
kicked, wiggled, and became that naughty little boy that she’s created after
robbing me of my masculinity these past few years.

She finished abruptly and made me stand up, immediately put
on my clothes, and walk out the door. I noticed how my flaccid cock fit better
in my damp panties as I pulled up my pants.

She had this look of satisfaction in the glow of the
dashboard lights watching me shift in my seat. It was a hard spanking even
though it wasn’t technically on the bare bottom, but it wasn’t even the last
one today. “I told Jen that you were getting a spanking after work and
might be a little quiet at dinner,” she announced and then smiling an evil
smirk. “And I invited her back to the house after dinner to witness your
bedtime spanking. Jen was a little unsure about that so we’ll see.”

I am speechless.  No
one as far as I knew had any idea that this was a part of our lives. Maybe the
neighbors had suspicions based on noises they heard but I certainly hadn’t told
anyone and I didn’t know if she had.

“That isn’t a problem, is it?” she asks
rhetorically. I answer “no” in a completely unconvincing voice.
“Oh don’t worry, little boy” she assures me – also unconvincingly.

The restaurant isn’t far from our house and I am still
recovering as we arrive. I try to look normal as we walk to the door but the
burning of my bottom, the wetness in my pants, and the new information that our
friend will know about my spankings make that very difficult.

Jen is already there and greets us warmly with her smile,
but I am reading more into that than perhaps I should. As we sit down, I can’t
help but grimace a little on the hard chair. “Rough day?” jokes Jen with
a wink.

My wife answers for me, “he has had a rough day. I gave
him a good dose of the brush just before we came over and he didn’t seem to
enjoy it very much at all. Well, not that part. And then he didn’t open the
door for me when we got here so, as I thought, he will need some more when we
get home. Will you be joining us?”

Jen looked at my wife and after a big pause, “I would
like that. I wasn’t sure about it this afternoon which is why I hesitated. If
it won’t be weird for you guys, it sounds, um, great, I guess.”

“No, it won’t be weird for me,” my wife quickly
responds. “It might be for you a little. Watching a grown man strip down
to his pretty pink panties for a spanking on his tight little bottom might be a
little strange.”

I carefully inspect the placemat throughout all of this.

“I should warn you, though,” my wife continues,
“Billy thinks getting a spanking is very exciting. He can be quite aroused
and sometimes even ejaculates. I am not sure if he will, you know, ‘like it’
when you are there.”

There is a long pause where I stare at the placemat and
apparently everyone is staring at me.

“Billy, what do you think about her coming over after
dinner to watch your bedtime spanking? Do you think you will be ‘happy’ about
that?” she asks like I’m just a child.

My soft cock flexes a little giving me my answer.

“I, um, I think I will, um, probably have an
erection,” I mumble.

“Do you think you will have to ejaculate & wet
yourself before your spanking?” she asks her naughty little boy.

“I don’t know,” I mumble. “Probably,” I
add quietly.

“Well, there it is,” she says to Jen. “See,
sometimes if I want to make sure that he ‘appreciates’ his spanking, I will
make sure that he ejaculates before we start. Other times I just let nature
take its course. Before his spanking before we came over, I actually forced him
to ejaculate just to be sure nothing distracted him from the hairbrush. We
didn’t have a lot of time, so it was all very quick.”

A waiter cuts her off and thankfully the subject is dropped.
It turns out to be a nice dinner and I stop feeling embarrassed and sorry for
myself as we talk about normal things. After entrees are finished the table is
clear, that sense of doom invades my stomach as I realize that she will shortly
reignite the fire on my backside. I pray silently that they will want dessert
as my cock slowly unfolds in my silky panties. I twinge a little as I swell to
full size in the little panties. The waiter brings a dessert menu as I blush.

“I’ll just leave this here,” he says before
walking away.

“I’m OK,” Jen responds as she looks at us.

“I wouldn’t mind dessert,” I offer.

“Oh, Billy, you just know what will happen sooner if we
don’t have dessert. Your vote doesn’t count,” my devious wife quips.
“We have some cookies at our house. Let’s go back there and we can have
some cookies while Billy gets his spanking.”

For the record, “Billy” is my spanking name.
Everyone knows me as William but she calls me Billy when I am going to be

They both agree, the waiter is called, the tab settled, and
all too soon, we are walking to the car. I drive home just under the speed
limit and very carefully. I don’t want to make her angry but I don’t want to
hurry either.

“When we get home, I think you should just undress down
to your spanking panties, go to the kitchen, get those cookies, and then just
bring them to the den, understand?” she asks  calmly.

“OK,” I say far less calmly.

In the bedroom, I take off and put away my clothes and then
take a look at myself in the mirror. The panties are a damp mess and my man
size cock presses lewdly against a fresh wet spot. I am mostly hairless (she
forces me to shave each week) and feel like a little boy.

I walk undetected to the kitchen to the sound of talking and
laughter emanating from the den. I am keenly aware that my bottom jiggles a
little with every step. Then, with the tin of cookies strategically placed in
front of me, I enter the Den. The conversation doesn’t end with my presence
which is actually sort of comforting. Jen is holding the vibrator and I realize
that the conversation was about how my ejaculation was triggered before my

“Can I turn it on?” she asks. My wife waves and
says, “Sure! Knock yourself out.”

Jen turns it on low and we all watch the flat attachment
blur. “Wow that is pretty intense. It must not take long at all for him to
cum with this monster,” she speculates out loud.

Like Pavlov’s dog, my erection responds to the sound and
sight of the vibrator, pulses and leaks even more into my pretty pink panties.

“It doesn’t take very long at all!” my wife
exuberantly answers. “I think he started to spurt in less than a minute
earlier today. It was less than a minute, right dear?” she says pulling me
into a conversation I absolutely don’t want to have.

“Yes, it was very fast,” I say before a pause as they
look at me to continue. “She, um, you know, is really good with that
thing, and at making me spurt. I tried not to you know, um, give in so quickly,
but couldn’t really help myself. It was very frustrating.” Why am I saying

“Well, it looks like you are ready for another one,”
Jen giggles. “Did you make him do it into those pink panties?” she
asks turning to my wife. “They are very, very wet!”

“Yup,” my wife says with a big smile, “and
then he got his hairbrush spanking right–I mean right–afterwards. He always
gets spanked with the hairbrush after he ejaculates. Isn’t that right

I just nod.

“He seems to really not like those spankings, but
knowing that he will get the hairbrush makes him really hard and forces him to
have intense orgasms. I think it is cute and even when he deserves his
spanking, I don’t mind having a little fun with him before his punishment. It
keeps him very obedient and you’d be amazed at how docile he becomes
afterwards.” I blush and inspect the carpeting. “He is embarrassed. I
suppose I should stop torturing him and get this over with. Would you like to show
Jen how hard you can cum for me, Billy?” she asks me.

“Yes, ma’am,” I whisper.

“And what will happen after you spurt?”

My cock throbs lewdly for all to see as I answer, “I’ll
get a hard spanking with the hairbrush.”

“Of course,” she affirms. “Jen, could you
hand me the vibrator?”

“Aw, I wanted to do that part,” Jen whines a
little drunkenly causing my wife to laugh.

“That’s fine with me. Make him ejaculate nice &
hard and then I’ll finish his punishment. Billy, let Jen help you spurt.”

The steps toward Jen are on rubbery legs. My wife takes the
cookies from me. Jen turns on the vibrator and tentatively extends it towards
my pantied cock. It is electric when it touches and more big drops of pre-cum
escape. She bites her lip sensuously enjoying the power in her hand. Gently she
runs the flat end of the machine up and down my shaft and even tickles my
scrotum a little. A little ‘ugh’ escapes my lips and the impending orgasm
builds. She teases me a little by avoiding the more sensitive places and they
both seem to enjoy watching me sweetly suffer.

“Jen, when you are ready, let him have a nice orgasm; I
want him emptied completely before his spanking.” my wife instructs. Jen
teases me a little more, keeping the vibrator at the base on my shaft before
slowly guiding it up toward the tip. My breathing becomes ragged and uneven
just before I explode. My panties quickly fill once again with my semen as Jen
holds the vibrator lightly against my frenulum. My orgasm runs its course and
she only moves it away when I visibly relax.

“Very good, OK, time for the hairbrush,” my wife
says in a sing-song voice. “Come over here, baby and let’s take off those
panties.” Again on unsure legs I walk the two steps to her side and she
hooks her fingers into the waistband. My softening cock yields easily as she pulls
them down my thighs. As I reach down and pull them all the way off my feet she
says, “Are you going to make a fuss like you did earlier?”

“No, I’ll be good,” I answer quickly realizing
where this is going.

“Hmmm, I’m not sure Billy,” she pauses and then
adds, “If you can stay quiet and be a big boy, then I won’t make you put
those in your mouth but if you get out of hand like you do sometimes, well, you
know what will happen.”

“I’ll be good; I promise!” I declare boldly and

“Hmmm, I bet. Whatever – over you go!” she directs
as I topple over her lap. She wastes no time getting started and I almost
immediately cry out. “Now hush; don’t embarrass yourself,” she

It seems to go on so long. I bite into my arm to keep from
making too much noise but I kick and wiggle while my backside is punished. The
sting quickly turns to fire as I try to see how our guest feels about this.
Through tears I can make out that Jen eyes are completely transfixed on my butt
as it heaves up and down. She is at the edge of her seat.

She finishes with a flurry of hard spanks right where my
bottom meets my thighs which cause me to vocalize loudly and shamefully like a
little boy.

“Oh doesn’t be such a baby,” she says as I sob
self-consciously over her knees. “Get up, get up, it’s all over.”

I struggle to my feet, still holding my dripping wet panties
balled up in my left hand. She pats the seat next to her and I sit down still

The next fifteen minutes are a blur as I try to focus on the
conversation in spite of how bad my bottom hurts. My post-ejaculation cock gives
up its last drops before retreating even further. Jen kept handling the
vibrator and my wife never put down the hairbrush. Jen quizzes my wife about
every aspect of how and why she spanks me and the best techniques to use for
forcing my ejaculations.

An hour later, Jen makes her exit. We walk her to the door
and as we wave goodbye, my wife taps the hard wood of the hairbrush against my
burning bottom. My cock swells a little in response as she whispers, “good
boy,” into my ear.


“Mmm, that feels so good doesn’t it? I asked looking in his eyes.
He looked at me and nodded blanky as he lost his ability to focus on my words. His eyes traced my small body, which was significantly more petite than his girlfriend.

“You’re getting that dumb, glazed-over look, big guy. Can you handle my tight pussy squeezing and milking your cock?”
He shook his head no as if in a trance. My tiny frame bounced rythmically on his throbbing member as he slid effortlessly into my tight pussy. He looked like a ten year old boy – his eyes were both begging and in disbelief. I felt him swelling, trying his absolute best to slow down, to focus, to not cum.

“Let go, baby. Cum hard for me. Good boy. Let go. Mmmm.”