That dominant bitch heard me inhale sharply, my muscular chest heaving upwards, my breath caught in my lungs for a second as I crested the climax, lifting myself onto the ball of my feet as my toes clawed at the floor. Then I closed my eyes and exhaled with an audible & very breathy “Uhhhhhhhhhh” as my bare shoulders sagged while I luxuriated in the sensation of my penis relieving itself of voluminous globs of semen straight into the silky fabric of my g-string. 

I felt my manhood pulsing involuntarily in the warm wet mess in my barely covered crotch, as the drenched bulge of my thong twitched visibly on camera. Fugitive drips of semen leaked out of the g-string and began running down the insides of my thighs. The devious vibrating cock ring had done its damage once again as I stood tied tightly to the post.

All that holding back had made for an intense loss of control.

I was defeated, I would be finished on the outside with the release of the blackmail material, and for which remaining here as her slave seemed like the only viable alternative anyway. 

It took a full five minutes for my heavy breathing, brought on by the ordeal, to subside before I was readied for a parade through her house in my cum-soaked g-string. It appeared that Tracey wasn’t ready to let me stop wearing the literal stain of my surrender on my crotch as she “introduced” me to the rest of her staff




It was a cold and blustery Valentine’s Day. Bryce and Dr. Marie had just gotten home from a night of dinner and dancing. They’d dressed up in their finest clothes and had a magical evening together. Now evening had turned to night and it was time for the clothes to come off.

“Come into bed and get warm,” said Marie. The brown-skinned beauty had already taken off her formal clothes and put on a silky pair of sleep shorts. The expression on her face and the tone of her voice suggested she was ready to take those off too.

“I will,” said Bryce, who was standing in the bedroom almost fully dressed. The handsome redhead had removed and hung up his navy blue suit jacket, but was still fumbling with his sky blue tie. His hands were cold and stiff from the long walk from the car to the house and the ordeal of opening the front door.

“Just wait a moment,” he added as he finally undid the tie. Once it was put away, he went to work on his white dress shirt. Marie giggled as she watched how much trouble he was having with the buttons. She grinned as she thought back to the powerful diuretic and sedative she had added to his drink earlier. He seemed frustrated and impatient. He was gritting his teeth and making little grunts each time he lost his grip. He was obviously a bit drunk, and it wouldn’t be long at all now until he was really in trouble.

“Are you all right?” Marie finally asked.

“Ye…no, actually. I really need to use the bathroom.” He laughed nervously, and his wife smiled.

“Would you like a little help?” she asked. She sounded like she was talking to a little boy.

“No, thanks,” he replied with a hint of annoyance in his voice. He was getting more nervous and urgent. His left leg bounced, and his quick breaths could be heard across the room.

He angrily threw the shirt to the floor once he’d opened it up and pulled it out from his tightly-secured navy blue dress pants.

His progress slowed when he tried to take off his belt. He worked his fingers furiously, but they were more clumsy than ever. His unease had gotten worse, too. There were beads of sweat on his face, and it looked like there could be tears in his eyes at any moment.

“Sorry, but I think I do need your help,” he told his wife in a shameful, defeated voice. “Please,” he soon added.

She got out of bed, walked up to him hastily, as if this were urgent business, but didn’t start helping. She just stood next to him and put her lips close to his ear.

“Do it for me,” she whispered. It was almost a breath rather than a word.

“No, I can’t!” he mumbled, almost choking up.

Marie took both his hands in hers and sat on the bed in front of him.

“You’ll do it Bryce,” she said in a voice that was louder but no less intimate. “And I’ll enjoy watching it happen.” she added with a slight smile. This came as no surprise. Neither of them liked to come out and say it, but he knew she enjoyed seeing him wet his pants in inappropriate settings, and she knew he wasn’t altogether comfortable with such activities. So she would typically drug him a bit, and loved the look on his face when it finally dawned on him.

“Yes, dear,” he soon agreed. It wasn’t entirely his decision. He was afraid he’d lose control no matter how hard he tried. Now he had an excuse to wet himself.

Marie kept her eyes on her husband’s face as the tension and discomfort melted away. He closed his eyes, tilted his head, and parted his lips as a soft but deep sound of relief came from his throat. It slowly built to a loud groan.

At the same time, Marie’s restrained expression slowly transformed to a brilliant smile. Her dark eyes glimmered with excitement, and she reached down to touch herself.

Under Bryce’s relieved moan, Marie could hear a soft trickling. She looked down to see the toll it was taking on his clothes. The dark blue pants didn’t show much, but she could tell the shiny, wet splotch from the dull, dry fabric around it.

The socks were just as dark, but the material showed wetness better. Soon they’d absorbed all they could. Every remaining drop that made it down Bryce’s pant legs rolled over the shiny dress shoes and pooled on the varnished wooden floor. It was quite a large pool. It amazed Marie to watch him humiliate himself so…

She looked back up at her sweetheart’s face. He still looked a little nervous. His face had been red from the cold, and now it was even redder. Even after having several “accidents” in front of his eager young wife, he still looked ashamed after each one.

“Did it feel good?” she asked.

His expression brightened.

“You know it did,” he answered. “Did you enjoy it?”

“You know I did.” Marie stood up, keeping hold of one of her husband’s hands, as she led him to the bathroom.


No briefs allowed today baby!  We’re going out, and you’ll be kept hard and painfully erect for the entire day – that’s why you were given the double dose of Viagra silly boy!

She knew he’d make some wonderful eye candy for all the ladies on the street, and smiled as she pondered a few other things she’d be doing to him before the day was done.


This was the moment when Carter was at his most vulnerable. He’d dropped his pants dutifully and now stood before in his tight little white briefs. Blushing profusely, he realized his predicament as I walked towards him with scissors in hand – and a tiny pair of silky white thongs dangling from my fingers.

“You know the rules little man – cut them while I watch you.” 

He whimpered and groaned, but did exactly as instructed. This was the 3rd pair he’d destroyed this week – and it wouldn’t be long until his entire drawer was emptied of cotton briefs altogether – yay!

I smiled as he pulled the silk thong up his strong legs, trying hard to adjust his hardening cock and failing miserably as it peeked out from the tiny pouch up front. Then I saw it – a small spot of wetness in front, growing slowly as he moaned and touched himself thru the silk. Pantied once again, he realized exactly what I was doing to his masculinity.

“Good boy! Now take your hand away – pull up your pants and try to behave this afternoon.”


CFNM Strip Poker

CFNM Strip Poker

“Two Jacks.”

“Mm.”  Meg looked ruefully at her pair of fours, then tossed her hand face down in the middle of the table.  "I used to be better at this.  Oh well.  John?“

Across the room, John lifted his head at her raised voice, glanced at the cards on the table, and nodded.  The group of guys he was chatting with, themselves each in various stages of half-undress, grinned.

Meg turned her head around to catch his eye.  "What do we say?”

John’s face turned slightly pink.  "Yes, Mistress.“  He stood up and peeled off his tight black pants, leaving him in just a pair of silk briefs that left only a little to the imagination.  One of his companions, at a signal from the other low-handed poker player who hadn’t folded, doffed a shirt.

Watching appreciatively, Meg grinned, and John smiled back at her.  Then she raised an eyebrow, and jerked her head towards her opponent with the pair of jacks.  "You’re not done.  Come on over here and let’s show her what she’s won.”

Turning redder, John gingerly made his way to the table and stood behind Meg.  She leaned to the side out of her chair to gesture exaggeratedly at his shoulders, chest, legs, crotch, and– turning him around partway with her hands– his ass.  Tanya grinned at the show as she gathered up her cards from the next deal.

Meg gathered up her own cards.  Then, as John started to turn away again, she quietly snapped her fingers.  John’s face immediately went slack, and he stopped moving.

“That’s right,” Meg murmured, too quietly for anyone but John to hear.  She snapped her fingers again, even more quietly.  John’s face slackened even further, his eyes drifted closed, and his hands hung limply at his sides.

As her opponents started looking around the table, Meg nonchalantly studied her hand, while casually reaching her other hand up to tweak John’s nipple.  "Yes, Mistress,“ he murmured again.  The flimsy scrap of cloth that barely covered his crotch began to quietly swell outward.

Seeing all eyes around the table irresistibly drawn to John’s growing excitement, Meg feigned innocence and prepared to take advantage of the distraction.





Opening up the picture she had just sent me on my cellphone, I already felt my cock swelling up, and full of discomfort.  I couldn’t help it.  Whenever she sent me a selfie.  I had to look.

I needed to tell her that she had taken things too far.  I needed to tell her that it was over between us.  I needed to tell her that I never wanted to talk to her ever again.  Things were just getting too weird.  In fact, I was starting to get really scared of her.

*Whirr* *Whirr* my phone vibrated.

I saw her name on the phone.  It invoked feelings of fear, anger, arousal, and made me think of what I had to do.  I had to get rid of her, right… now…

*click* I pushed the green send button to answer.

“Listen, you have taken this way too far.  I can’t continue this anymore.” I told her flat out before even saying hello.

“Go ahead and try to resist.  We both know you can’t.” she spoke in a powerfully arousing feminine voice, ignoring my statement completely.

“You probably really want to, but it’s hopeless for you.” she told me, her words dripping sexually off her lips.

“Did you just hear what I said?!?!?  It’s over.  We are finished!” I spoke angrily into the cellphone.

“You looked at the selfie, didn’t you?  Didn’t you?  Yeah, we both know you did.  Did you like the way I looked?” she asked, treating me like a child whose words weren’t even important.

“I…” I started to speak meekly before getting interrupted.

“We both know what is going to happen when you go home.” she told me.

“You’re going to try not to think about me… and that picture…” she said.

I was dumbstruck, speechless.

“All the mental images I put into your head with this selfie are just going to get bigger… and BIGGER…  and BIGGER… and BIGGER…”

Something was oh so very wrong.  I felt myself hardening against my will.  All my determination to tell her off was melting like wax.  It was all gone already.  All I felt was painful arousal to the sound of her voice and the eroticism of her words.

“They are going to grow inside your mind until you can’t resist any more… until you feel like you’re going to burst… until you feel like you could just POP…  at any moment…”

She was so confident.  She powerful.  She spoke and I listened, feeling weaker and weaker by the moment.

“You’re just going to start swelling and swelling in your pants until you just can’t take it anymore…”

I looked down and saw that it was true.  I was full to bursting already, just from listening to her.

“I…  No…  I…” I tried to speak, stuttering.

She just ignored me again and spoke over me.

“You’ll start touching yourself…  and the moment you do, you’re going to burst in your pants… “ 

I felt terror sinking deeply inside of me.  I knew it was true.

“And that’s going to make things even worse for you.  You can’t stop it.  Why even bother trying?  Just let go and give in.”

She encouraged me so sweetly just to let it go.  To give in to all of the pleasure.  To stop fighting it.

“How hard do you think I’ll be able to make you?  Harder than you are now?”


I groaned loudly into the phone.

She laughed and giggled with dominant feminine laughter.

“I’ll bet you’re as hard as a rock right now, just from listening to my gorgeous sexy voice.  Aren’t you?”

I whimpered a little bit into the phone, causing her to giggle more.

“I’m going to send you more erotic selfies of me.  And it’s just going to even worse and worse.  You’re going to lose all control.” she told me.

“It’ll just get so much worse, until I’m your whole world.  I will be your everything.  I’m going to overwhelm you.  You won’t be able to fight it.  So you might as well just give in.” she spoke.

I wanted to put down the phone.  I wanted to end the conversation, but I couldn’t.  I was completely hypnotized, completely drawn in by her voice.

“Just accept it… Just let it burst…  Go ahead…  cum in your pants.”

“N… No…. Nnnnnooooo…” I whined feebly, trying to restrain my hand, the last bit of willpower I had draining from me.

“Would you do that for me?  Hrmmm?  Yes…  yes you will… let yourself cum… let it pop…” she told me.

“OH Shiiiittttt!” I cried as I felt myself unable to hold it in any longer.

*Gorgeous condescending feminine laughter*

She laughed and laughed and laughed into my ear through the phone.


Kirsty couldn’t believe what she was reading. 

Hey baby! I’m going to be home soon – so why don’t you do something for me? I want you all hot and frustrated. Yes, I know how tight those silk panties are – they’ve been rubbing up against your clit all day – haven’t they? 

Get down on your knees, spread you legs wide and play with that hot little pussy Kirsty. Put your fingers into those panties and fuck yourself….slowly, slowly – you can’t cum.  When you’ve finished and your little hips are beginning to move uncontrollably – STOP!

Then stand up, compose yourself and go watch some porn on  the laptop. Watch those men with their tight butts and gorgeous abs. Stare at their strong cocks and think of me – I’ll be home soon to take good care of you! (smile)