The trigger hit her at her desk when she opened the text – and suddenly she needed to play with herself. It had been so hard not to open her jeans and thrust her fingers into her pussy there and then, but she had resisted and stumbled her way to somewhere private, hearing her count in her head as she went 10, 9, 8… 

She knew when it reached zero there would be no resisting. It wouldn’t matter if she was in the office or on the street, Zoey would make herself cum for her. She locked herself in the executive washroom. She wasn’t technically allowed in there, but it was the only place she had time to get to. Her right hand flew to her pussy as her left pulled up her top and pulled and tweaked her nipples. Then she heard herself speaking “This girl must cum when she is told, she is a mindless bitch, this girl must cum when she is told, she is a mindless bitch” – finding herself getting louder with each repetition.

As she got closer to orgasm, still unable to stop herself, she clamped her hand over her mouth to muffle her words and intensified her efforts to make herself cum. She was so horny and so needy but she couldn’t seem to get there. She hovered on the edge of an orgasm getting louder with each repetition. 

Suddenly she remembered the conversation she had with her room-mate that morning. She realized now her predicament. She had no idea if or when she would cum, and she would be trapped there desperately playing with herself and now almost shouting to the world that she was a mindless bitch. Maybe she wouldn’t ever cum. Maybe she would be found like this by one of the executives and taken away by the police, fingers still in pussy, still chanting her mantra. 



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