You are enjoying this. I can tell.

You aren’t keeping it a secret, of course. Your face is red, and your breathing is ragged. Your hips are rocking with the rhythm of my fingers inside you, my beckoning fingers urging you further and further.

You are most definitely enjoying this.

Keep looking at me. I want to see the pleasure in your face. I want to watch you while the ecstasy you are experiencing by my hand opens you up completely.

Yes, just like that. Look into my eyes, while my fingers make you frantic.

Oh, yes. Just like that. You’re such a good girl. Keep looking into my eyes. Yes, keep looking, just like that. Good girl.

You like what I’m doing to you. Would you like me to keep going?

I thought so.

Keep looking into my eyes.

Yes, like that.

It gets easier, you know, as my fingers move inside you, driving you wild, it gets easier to just let your eyes lock on mine.

The eyes are the window to the soul, and I am eager to watch what happens to your soul when I make you come.

Like right now. Eyes open, little one. Keep looking at me. I’ve got you now, your eyes are locked on mine, that’s it. Yes.

Now I’ve got you. I’ve got you where I want you. I’ve got you under my spell, my hypnotic, erotic spell, the magic that binds your gaze to mind, while you have to take in the pleasure of my hand inside you, moving you.

It’s the most wonderful feeling in the world, isn’t it, to be so aroused, so turned on, made frantic by my touch, while you gaze into my eyes, falling deeper and deeper under my spell.

You are going to come again. I can feel it. I can see it in your eyes. With every orgasm it gets easier and easier to leave your eyes open, because your gaze is locked on mine. I’ve caught you, and you are under my spell.

It feels so good, doesn’t it?

Oh, yes, there you go again. Eyes open! That’s right. Good girl.

What you are feeling right now, aroused, excited, needy, greedy, what you are feeling right now is the feeling of belonging to me.

The feeling of being owned.

This is what happens to foolish girls who let their guard down. Before they know it, a powerful enchantress casts a spell, and they can’t help it any more.

You can’t help it any more.

What you are feeling is the feeling of belonging to me.

You belong to me.

Yes, here’s another orgasm. Eyes open! That’s right. Good girl.

It feels so very good to belong to me.


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