He’d never ever, under any circumstance, imagined himself begging a woman not to let him cum. She had slowly and effectively brought him to a ruined orgasm six times in the past two hours, so much that he thought he was no longer capable of an erection. And he certainly no longer had any seed to shoot; his last orgasm was painfully dry as his body tried to ejaculate what was no longer there to ejaculate.

Yet, now She was on the floor in front of him, playing with Herself and telling him how much She wanted his cock inside Her. Telling him that She might crawl on top of him and sink his cock into Her pussy. That is, if he could get hard again. “Can you, pet?” She teased. “Can you get it up for Me one more time?”

He felt his cock begin to stir back to life. And She did climb on him and sink his cock deep inside Her. She lingered there for a few moments, then laughed, got up and began to play with his cock again. He moaned in half lust and half pain. “Don’t you want to cum again, pet?” She whispered in his ear. “Don’t you want to do that for Me?”


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