This was the best way he knew to keep her in line. The simple act of wetting her pants like a little girl changed her attitude dramatically. Nicole went from a hot, demanding and dominant wife to a much more cooperative lady, still hot and sexy – but submissive and subservient as she learned her place.

It always seemed to begin with a pill. A tiny, white lasix pill he brought home from the hospital and quietly slipped into her morning coffee. A light sedative was also added, and he watched her carefully as she drank them both down.

Soon she became talkative and relaxed, as he tied her quickly to the chair. She knew what was happening, but the sedative had taken the fight out of her, and she wasn’t able to stop him….he moved so fast.

Then the fun began! Before the sedative wore off, Patrick fed her 3 tall glasses of water and sat back to enjoy. She cursed under her breath, as she had worn a brand new pair of white silk panties under her cute outfit today. They would be ruined.

Within 30 minutes, the Lasix was doing its damage, and Nicole knew that she couldn’t stop herself……..she was going to pee her pants uncontrollably – dammit!

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