I like to take full advantage of my man’s kinks as often as possible. One that never fails to make him weak in the knees is when I decide to explore his love for panties – he’s such a good little pantie-boy!

I’ll start by threatening him before we leave the house. The pair above – soft, satin and very feminine, are they type that will drive him nuts when I order him to drop his jeans, remove his briefs and put them on in front of me. His cock hardens instantly and I know he’s starting to feel just a bit submissive as he does what he’s told and then zips up.

On the drive, he’ll sit obediently in the passenger seat while I tease him incessantly. “How do those panties feel baby? Are they making you hard?  Why don’t you pull your jeans down a bit and show me? Good boy!”

Sometimes I’ll have him pour some lube down the front and all over his cock before he’s allowed to pull them back up. This keeps him hot, wet and incredibly hard. If he tells me he really likes the ones he’s in, I’ll often hand him a small scissors and threaten to make him snip the leg bands until they fall off. He’ll beg and plead with me not to do it – but I usually insist, and this simple act of destruction will often turn him into a whimpering little boy as his favorite silky panties drop to the floor in front of him.

Then I pull another pair out of the bag – and we begin again! 


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