Your hands stay on the table just like they are, no matter what, understand?


I can see you followed my instruction about not wearing a bra.  I can see your nipples.  Did anyone else notice them on your walk over here?

Yes – two men.  One pointed at me and said something to the other as they passed me on the sidewalk.

When I sit in my chair I should be able to see your pussy, or is covered by a pair of panties?

I have panties on. 

That is NOT allowed Jennifer!.  You’ll be punished by being made to cut them off in front of me.  Are they wet?

Yes, very wet. But please don’t make me do that Michael, they’re brand new & very expensive – white silk. Umphhhh..

Too bad little girl – you’re going to wish you hadn’t worn them today. Reach down & feel that wet silk on your clit – it’ll remind you of just how desperate you are.  Here’s a scissors, start snipping them off. First the right leg band – then the left.  Understand?

Ummmphhh…yes sir.


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