She waited patiently for him on the sofa by the door. The heat was rising in her fast as she contemplated the evening ahead, the way she was dressed and the erotic feelings coursing thru her body. 

Under her tiny cocktail dress, she wore nothing but white silk panties – one size too small and pulled up very tightly….just as he requested. They hugged and lifted the globes of her ass, and stimulated her clit at the same time. Her breasts hung free, and she struggled to keep them concealed as they grew increasingly swollen and sensitive.The collar only served to heighten her arousal, and she felt her breath quicken when she snapped the lock shut.

Suddenly she saw him enter the room, radiant in his black tuxedo and tight-fitting pants. 

“Are you ready to go Amber? I’m bringing along your Rabbit vibe, just to keep you focused. Now bend over that sofa, and pull down your panties. You’re going to be well-spanked before we go anywhere my dear….”

She swallowed hard and rose slowly from her seat.,,,,suddenly aware that her panties were very wet and clinging to her sex.


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