I’ll be the first to admit it – I have a thing for men in tight white briefs. Not the “tighty whitie” type – but rather bikini-cut or thongs are much more my style.

This is a shot of my husband in a pair I just bought for him.Simon’s a good man, and has been well trained to indulge me whenever the need arises. I absolutely love the way these are cut, pulling his entire package up so it hangs front and center. He looks so innocent and helpless – like a little boy.

Oftentimes I’ll taunt him while he stands there. “Oh my – is your cock going to get nice and hard for me baby? It better! And I want you to reach down and slowly stroke it until you have a wet spot to show me. Can you do that Simon?”

Inevitably, he groans and whimpers slightly as the show begins (smile).


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