“You will obey Me, pet. Without question. That’s what being owned means. I will listen to your thoughts but in the end, you will obey Me. Am I making myself clear?”


“Time for  a pantie check Robert – jeans down little boy! Oohhhh – you’re doing veryyyy well indeed. I’m so glad I bought them in such a small size, they’re definitely having an impact! 

How wet are you going to get for me baby?


“That’s my boy!  I just love how you drip into your panties whenever I order you around…..and I love it even more when you squirm until you lose control and explode all over them. 

Will you do that for me baby? Of course you will (grin)




How cute!  Devan was suddenly feeling the impact of the powerful diuretic I’d mixed into his tea this morning. 

Imagine his surprise when he rushes off to the bathroom, and finds that I’ve locked the door! (grin)  

I so love to embarrass my man……



Sometimes it is easy to forget,

especially if a sub has been caged for a long period of time.

They can slip into a feeling or normalcy.

Walking about like a perfectly ordinary couple,

as though She isn’t wearing the key to his cock cage.

But then, She reminds him.

Sometimes with a look, sometimes with a word,

and sometimes by slipping off Her panties in a crowded book store,

ordering him to stuff them in his mouth,

and keep them there until returning to the car.

Imagine the look on his face.

Imagine the blush on his cheeks.

What must be going through his mind?

What if they bump into someone they know?

What if someone asks him a question?

What if She decided to buy a book, and sent him to the register to pay?

She wouldn’t do that right?