Shhh…don’t worry about a thing baby…..this is just how we welcome new men to the firm. The Lasix we put in your coffee only takes 30 minutes to work. Since we’ve had you strapped down for at least 20 minutes, you probably feel a bit full already – right?

I think you’ll be quite surprised at how forcefully the drug takes effect. Don’t try to fight it, the muscle spasms are intense – and won’t stop until you’ve completely peed your pants – just like a little boy!

Then we take a few pictures for later – and you’ll be treating us like royalty the rest of your time here – right Grant?


Mitchell had no idea the evening would end like this….




Erik lowered his diaper so that he could sit on the toilet like he was instructed, but realized it was too late.  His diaper was wet, and he would not pass inspection.  

He didn’t understand, he’d never peed in his pants before, but ever since he’d moved in with his girlfriend he couldn’t seem to make it to the bathroom on time. 

It got so bad that she insisted he wear diapers. And because he fought it, she instituted daily “diaper checks”. He was so embarrassed, but the way she smiled when she watched him pee his pants led him to believe she knew exactly what was happening…



Ashley just looked at me in total shock as she lost all control and wet herself incredibly fast. Try as she might, she couldn’t stop the flow until she was completely soaked. 

The hypnotist had promised that the trigger phrase would work on her anytime and anywhere – and she wasn’t kidding! “You see baby,that’s why I demanded you wear a diaper on the trip – right?”

And suddenly my girlfriend realized that a line had been crossed in our relationship – and she’d be doing what she was told from that point forward.




“I could tell by the look on my boyfriend’s face that he was struggling. A wine tour and long restroom lines were kicking his ass (not to mention the lasix I slipped into his drink (grin). He’s already lost the battle. 

As soon as he stands up his weak little bladder muscles will collapse and he’ll find himself inexplicably peeing his pants in front of everyone. 

I have some Depends waiting for him at home that I’ll convince him to put on later. After a few more of these hot little scenes, he’ll be conditioned to where he needs to wear diapers constantly to avoid any further accidents. 

This is my thing… Ruining men, one man at a time.”