Gavin takes a trip to the therapist.


My boyfriend put on quite a show for me yesterday. He’s well aware that
I control his cock – and when Hunter becomes a little too aggressive and bossy around the house – I know exactly how to put him in his place and bring his big libido back down to earth.

The poor boy was moaning and whimpering incessantly as I coaxed him thru a most humiliating masturbation session – and I took this video to send him as needed in the future, whenever a “warning shot”  is in order 🙂

“Good boy – now let’s go watch a movie. You’re not going to fuck me tonight baby….”


Logan was suchhhhh a good boy! He didn’t even hesitate when ordered to drop his pants, stroke his cock  and cum right in his briefs. 

Paige was very proud of the training regimen she had him on – and with results like this – it would continue (grin)


Patrick decided on the latter to try and save a little bit of his pride today. She laughed as she activated the remote for the vibrating ring she’d put on him – and he quickly doubled over while ejaculating into his thin, silk panties . 

Allison was such a dominant bitch in public…..


cheatinghusbandworld Deactivated

“Just give it up for Johnny! I don’t care how much you love your wife….!”

Ngghhhhhhh!! I can’t! I love her too m….. ughhhhh!! 

“Shut up and cum in my tight pussy! Release that tension, relax and enjoy your cum flowing into me. Do it baby, I love you.”

Please stop…….. I can’t…….. take it……… any long………

Finally Johnny gives up, his cum floods Sarah’s fertile pussy and she moans and laughs in victory. Smiling sweetly, she leaves to take a shower.


“You want to go where Bradley? Such big plans for a guy who’s been stripped completely naked and kept as smooth as a little boy! No….I’ve got another plan, and it involves you bucking your hips, whimpering and then giving me your manhood – all of it.”