Each evening, he gives her a treat.

He ties her to a chair and straps a vibrator between her legs, set to a delicious pattern of varying intensity, and he makes her cum. This is her reward.

She’s gagged and tied to the chair, the vibrator is relentless between her thighs. She’s placed in front of the TV – right in front of it. Close enough so that it’s really all she can look at. The volume is turned up, the TV is streaming live and it’s casting video from a room one floor below her.

She watches, every evening, as he trains the new girl to be a good slut for him. She moans from behind her gag as the downstairs girl crawls across the basement floor, chasing after a tennis ball. She orgasms  while watching the girl begging to cum. She screams in climax as the other girl gets taken by the long, fat dildo. She cums again and again, eyes frozen to the screen – while the new girl gets her face slapped by his dick until she’s begging out loud to be fucked.

She remembers that room so very well. She remembers learning how to kneel and how to beg. She remembers being taught how to climax endlessly.

Now she watches the new girl learn……


“Remember what you said?  ‘There is no way you can make me cum if I try to resist.’  Isn’t that what you said?  Still think you can hold back?  Remember, if you cum, you’re going to want this type of climax every time – and you’ll soon forget all about men.”

Amy desperately wanted to hold back, she wasn’t a lesbian – and didn’t believe that anyone could make her  go that way. There had been a time limit.  Maybe she was close.  She glanced at the clock, but there were still 10 minutes left.  There was no way she was going to last.  She hadn’t counted on this woman’s skill.  She finally whimpered, moaned and then came uncontrollably on her fingers.


This man was a master…and Haley knew she’d be giving him everything much sooner than anticipated….


Your roommate is very hot Molly, and I can feel her wetness on my thigh. How does it make you feel to watch this, with your tiny panties down around your knees? Do you want to touch yourself? Would you play with yourself and climax in front of us?

Good girl – then DO IT NOW!


Monique had fought it, trying in vain to preserve her pride. But her body was betraying her quickly, and she knew the signs…….climaxing in front of strangers was so damned humiliating.


“Stop it dammit, my husband will be home soon!”

Oh really? I’m not too concerned. But he’ll be quite disappointed when his gorgeous little wife can’t perform later tonight – won’t he? You’re going to cum hard for me Briana – and more than just once. When I’m done with you – you won’t be able to think about sex for days…. 


She was definitely feeling it now, and two glasses of wine has lowered her inhibitions too. 

Abbey had been warned about her attitude, and I knew that a tiny pair of clamps on her sensitive nipples would make her uncomfortable. What she didn’t bargain for though was the vibrator I slipped into her before we got out of the car.

Between the two of them, it was quite likely she’d be climaxing in front of us tonight…such a proper little slut!