Open, baby.


You know we’re going to be here until your brain is mush and you words have gone from begging to babbling incoherant moans. Judging by your state these last few times that won’t take long. Then it’s time for me to strap on the vibrator on low over you panties and shove my cock between your lips.


Julia found it quite impossible to take this, and moaned quietly as she made a steady descent into a powerful climax.


Forcing her to masturbate herself – while I watch and provide encouragement. She was hesitant at first, but once she found her rhythm – Kristin found that she really couldn’t stop..and would soon climax in front of me (grin)


Unfortunately, Erik isn’t going to be quite himself at the office today (grin). 

His easy-going charm makes him irresistible to women, especially those young and sexy types who love to tease eligible men. Unfortunately, he’s not immune to their charms either – and he flirts incessantly when I’m not around.

So this morning his pants go down to his knees, and he’s going to cum hard for me before he goes anywhere. I may even take him twice if I sense any firmness left in his cock at all. The poor boy should find himself to be quite docile around those little tramps – as his testosterone levels steadily crash the rest of the day (smile)!


“Take it Sara – take it as deep as you can little girl! Keep those hips moving too baby. I think Matthew would enjoy watching you give it all up for me – like the insatiable slut you are….right?”

Jamie was fucking her both literally and figuratively. She had been caught messing around with her husband, and now he would have to watch as this cutie was totally humiliated and forced to climax in front of him. 



“Think I hadn’t noticed? You little slut!”  Kelly began.  “All this time, I’ve seen you teasing my husband – and I let you go on.  But perhaps you didn’t think I noticed?” she added, lifting Leslie’s top, running her hands over her bare breasts.  Yes, they were hot and firm – going braless was a key part of Leslie’s flirting. She’d started this behavior only a month or so after hiring on as their nanny. 

“Think I’d let you do whatever you wanted?” Kelly continued.  Leslie squirmed, part of her feeling so busted, part of her so excited and nervous. 

Kelly’s fingers slid easily into Leslie’s shorts and under her panties.  “Well, guess what?  You’ve been turning me on too, and now I’m going to show you what happens to sluts like you!” said Kelly. “These panties are very wet baby – and I  think you need to cum for me…..right here – and right NOW!”


Don’t stop Dayana – you’re not done just yet. I said to play with yourself, and I meant it! Are you going to cum for me little girl? Scream, whimper and moan as you succumb to a mind-blowing climax…right in front of me?

Of course you are…of course you are…. (grin)