She misbehaved right before the road trip… and now all I can hear is her moaning as she thrashes around and watches her panties get wet….. 😈😍😍


I really don’t care baby.

You’re going to look so hot at the club tonight. Oh – and did I mention you’ll be plugged and caged too?

LOL – you’ll be creaming your panties all night long….like a good boi toy! (Grin)


Exhib dare for beginner in vacations (not too risky)


This is an exhibition dare for female (obviously), and it’s way better if you do it in couple while he is with you (that’s the point).

Your goal? Complete as many of the following dares in the next week! A good moment to complete this dare could be while you are on vacation far away from home and staying at the hotel.

How many dares will you complete?

The dares:

  1. Remove your panties while outdoor
  2. Spread your legs in a public area with a skirt WITH panties
  3. Spread your legs in a public area with a skirt WITHOUT panties
  4. Have an “accidental” nipple slip with people around you
  5. Do a quick flash in a transportation system (don’t have to be in rush hour!) 
  6. Be a window flasher and strip all of your clothes while in front of the window (ideal in an hotel room, better on a higher floor), if you are shy do it in the day with the light closed with low risk or if you are brave do it at night with the lights open!
  7. Have an “accidental” pussy slip at the beach (It must show a part of your pussy or pubis)
  8. Try to wear remote controlled panties in a public area (restaurant or bar) and have an orgasm with them
  9. Remove your bikini bottom while you are at the bottom of a pool and put it back before resurfacing! 
  10. Wear a miniskirt with high heel without panties before a night out

How many dares you think you will complete? You should prepare a list of punishment/rewards for motivation before starting this dare (Like a reward if you complete 6 or more and a punishment if you don’t complete at least 3 dares… maybe tease and denial for him if you succeed?)

Share your experience with us!


My boyfriend Hunter is an art model, and makes a pretty decent living at it too. He loves to tease the coeds, realizing full well what his gorgeous body and thick cock can do to them. 

Sometimes just for fun, he’ll reach down and adjust his package during a session, reveling in the visible signs of arousal that suddenly appear on their faces!


There were times when Jamie felt like a total slut, but she couldn’t help herself – she needed a strong, hard cock and would do anything for it.



“Shhhh…be quiet and just stay there Kevin. I’m going to get a scissors from my bag and the next thing you feel will be cold steel along your legs as I slice up your pants. I think you’re going to spend a bit more time here with your tight ass on display for all to see…and there are lots of pretty girls who walk down this road on their way to the shops…(grin)!”.