Morgan was surprised by how well-spoken this boy was during the interview.  But she couldn’t stop thinking about his tight butt, and smiled as she thought of the things she’d do to him after the match.



Sometimes it is easy to forget,

especially if a sub has been caged for a long period of time.

They can slip into a feeling or normalcy.

Walking about like a perfectly ordinary couple,

as though She isn’t wearing the key to his cock cage.

But then, She reminds him.

Sometimes with a look, sometimes with a word,

and sometimes by slipping off Her panties in a crowded book store,

ordering him to stuff them in his mouth,

and keep them there until returning to the car.

Imagine the look on his face.

Imagine the blush on his cheeks.

What must be going through his mind?

What if they bump into someone they know?

What if someone asks him a question?

What if She decided to buy a book, and sent him to the register to pay?

She wouldn’t do that right?



Good boy!  Wet your pants for me baby! You know you have to do it wherever and whenever I demand. Who owns your cock Mr. Macho?

Certainly not you Sean….


Somehow all of her friends knew – Kelsey’s marriage wasn’t going to last long. 


Patrick decided on the latter to try and save a little bit of his pride today. She laughed as she activated the remote for the vibrating ring she’d put on him – and he quickly doubled over while ejaculating into his thin, silk panties . 

Allison was such a dominant bitch in public…..